Copyright Registration: Assisting creators, authors, artists, and businesses in registering their original works with the appropriate copyright office, such as the United States Copyright Office, to secure legal protection and rights.

Copyright Counseling and Strategy: Providing legal advice and guidance on copyright law, including ownership rights, licensing, fair use, infringement, and enforcement strategies.

Copyright Clearance and Permissions: Conducting clearance searches to determine the copyright status of works and obtaining permissions or licenses for the lawful use of copyrighted materials.

Copyright Licensing and Agreements: Drafting and negotiating copyright licenses, assignments, transfers, and other agreements related to the use, distribution, or exploitation of copyrighted works.

Copyright Enforcement and Litigation: Representing copyright owners in enforcement actions against infringement, including sending cease and desist letters, filing lawsuits, and pursuing remedies for copyright infringement in court.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Compliance: Advising on compliance with the DMCA, including the implementation of notice-and-takedown procedures for online service providers and the protection of digital content.

Copyright Audits and Due Diligence: Conducting audits of copyright portfolios to assess ownership rights, identify potential infringement risks, and ensure compliance with copyright law.

Copyright Policy Development: Assisting organizations in developing copyright policies and procedures to govern the creation, use, and management of copyrighted materials within their operations.

Copyright Education and Training: Providing educational workshops, seminars, and training sessions on copyright law, best practices, and compliance for individuals and organizations.

International Copyright Protection: Advising clients on international copyright protection strategies, including registration, enforcement, and compliance with foreign copyright laws and treaties.